Ask the Expert – Jim Sinclair $50,000 Gold


On Monday, I had the pleasure of interviewing the legendary Mr. Gold, Jim Sinclair. As many of you already know, Jim Sinclair is the CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration and has over 50 years of experience in the gold industry. He lives and breathes this market. Jim is known for accurately predicting the top of the gold bull market in 1980. Also, he has been a beacon of hope in the gold community and provides his daily thoughts for free on his website, JSMineSet.

During the course of this interview, I was able to ask Jim a number of our viewers’ questions. These questions covered the most pressing concerns that are currently affecting the gold community, such as bail-ins, manipulation of markets, a potential COMEX default and much more.

Jim was very clear that he sees a price rise in gold coming by early July. This rise in prices could take us to new highs. How high? Jim sees $50,000 gold as a likely target should the paper manipulators lose control. This number sounds staggering to many, but you must remember that this market has been a beach balloon that has been pushed to depths never seen by man.

So what do you think? Do you see gold recovering and moving higher this summer, or do you believe that the gold bull market is dead and over? I’m personally in the bullish camp and believe the manipulators are losing control over this market. Enjoy the interview.

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39 Responses to Ask the Expert – Jim Sinclair $50,000 Gold

  1. Phil Pfei says:

    Bullish, Gold, Silver and Junior stocks up, rates up, USD also up, Stocks and Bonds down, and standard of living will be down dramatically moving into 2015…

  2. jeff7722 says:

    The 2001-2011 bull market in gold is over. Maybe our grandchildren will see $50,000?

    • bam says:

      Bull markets always end in Mania. This one hasn’t even been close to that. There was only a small % of investors invested in gold at 1900. When the majority are, you will know it.

      • billhaynes says:

        Agreed. Bull markets nearly always end in manias, with huge participation by unsophisticated persons (I will not even call them “investors.”)

        As a gold bullion dealer for 40 years, I say unequivocally that the public was not in gold as it topped $1900.

        This precious metals bull market has a long way to go.

        • The Silver Bug says:

          I Couldn’t agree with you more Bill. It may be painful. But for those who have the opportunity to invest more or who haven’t taken a position yet, this manipulated pull back is a blessing in disguise.

    • Dr Stephen Nordstrom says:

      Perhaps if you gave your real full name we would consider in some way your prediction.
      As it isn’t,it is hard to give it any merit.
      Jim Sinclair isn’t selling anything,and is giving his advice to help people.
      Thank you very much Jim.
      Also,people like James Turk,Alf Field,John Embry and Eric Sprott and Mark Lundeen.

      • Dr Stephen Nordstrom says:

        I’d also like to say that was has happened to gold since April,was predicted openly by Jim Sinclair in October 2012.

        • Daniel Karis says:

          Will all due respect Sinclair also called the bottom in April on King World News so let’s admit he’s made mistakes too. Nobody is entirely sure what is happening even people w the access Sinclair has. I do believe the bottom is likely the 50% fib level near 1160 if you remove the blow off top to 1900. We came $19 from reaching it. I started buying Friday.

  3. CaptTurbo says:

    I value Jim’s comments and read him daily. That said … $50,000.00 gold?!!! Bartender, I’ll have what he’s having. ;)

  4. Robert Louviere says:

    I subscribe to Mr. Sincalir & I have followed him for a long time. I also have seen the great ‘predictions’ just slide away over a period of time just as gold rose some time ago. Invest wisely & if gold rises as some predict, then you will be OK!

  5. richard says:

    This old man need to stop, he’s been wrong and will continue to lead people into financial ruin…

  6. Rojelio H. says:

    Gold is NOT going to rise to 50,000 U.S. Dollars! It will eventually go to infinity! Every fiat/paper currency ever printed has done that! No exceptions in 3000 years! Paper money was invented so the elite could eventually enslave and destroy the people! They were called “moneychangers” 2000 years ago, and were whipped in a temple! Will we ever see our corrupt modern central bank moneychangers get whipped? Evil is always punished, eventually!

  7. Jim is right all along. He even advised not to use borrowed money to invest on physical gold. The TPB definitely will delay the inevitable and you will suffer financial ruin if you borrowed money.

  8. ManAboutDallas says:

    Mr. Sinclair’s only “mistake” was under-estimating the ability of the CrimNakes to manipulate both the gold and silver markets – short-term – to their advantage. As one looks around the MSM landscape, we see a veritable parade of Obsequious Toadies, Sycophant SockPuppets, Apologising Acolytes, and Lenin’s “Useful Idiots” traipsing through every venue possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. all singing one continuous song : “Sell your gold!” This demands any thinking person to ask themself : “Why?” And, more importantly, “Why now?” when gold and silver are at 2-year lows. Where were all these “Sell now!” Sycophants at gold $1900 and silver $50 ?? That’s right… nowhere to be found, or heard.

  9. Agent P says:

    Stop paying attention to the $number… It could be $5000, it could be $50,000. It could be no price at all…

    Pay attention to what Mr. Sinclair is actually saying. He is saying that the confidence game perpetrated in the currency markets and on honest money; the lies, the manipulation, the deceit – all of it, is headed for a comeuppance. If you clear away the fog of complacency/normalcy bias, you can see how rapidly events are occurring on a domestic front as well as internationally, and how these events are chipping away at the outer circles of deceit and working their way faster and faster towards the center, where which resides $USD hegemony and political Tyranny.

    What is amazing is how nearly all of the events taking place on a global scale, relate to gold. Why? Because gold represents honest money. It represents a mirror. It represents strength. It represents Prudence.

    Out of those (4) attributes, how does the U.S. stack up…?

    IRS-gate. AP-gate. NSA-gate. Addiction to conjured money-gate.

    Who or what can you trust…? There you will find your answer.

    • says:

      As Doctor Nordstorm would say,

      “Perhaps if you gave your real full name we would consider in some way your prediction.
      As it isn’t,it is hard to give it any merit.”

      You fellows will follow what Sinclair says, that’s your perogative. If he is incorrect he won’t make you whole. You make the decision, you live with it.

      • Patrick Slevin says:

        One question

        I see Sinclair relies on a Chiropractor in California to predict Price. So far the good Doctor hasn’t been very accurate with his analysis.

        Anyone know what that is all about? I understand it’s $20,000 a year to subscribe to Sinclair’s analyst.

        How many of you fellows bought into that?

  10. L Adams says:

    I will stick with, Jim, Monty, Kenny, Erik, Alf, James, John, Mark, also my good friend Harry and don’t forget Marty A.
    To Infinity we go…

  11. Raymondo77 says:

    Jim is the only man in the world of finance that gives his time and expertise for free he does not ask for any reward. I think this frightens a lot of the so called gold experts out there. I have followed Jim since 2003 he is very, very good. In fact he is the best gold man in the world.

  12. happel317 says:

    Ok, I am preparing for an onslaught of criticism, but here goes…

    Every single GoldBug on the planet is as disconnected from reality as much as the Central Planners that print fiat currencies. While I adhere to a stringent belief that fiat currencies and a currency not backed by gold (or silver or any tangible similar object) is a system fraught with errors, but for today, they are still in control. Will they remain in control forever? Will the entire system collapse? Will it be utter chaos if the ‘worst case scenarios’ do come to pass? If so, then you can hold a pharoah’s hoard of gold and it will be as useless as the paper currency you will not even be able to extract from your local bank’s ATM. Why, you wonder: imagine the global crisis of events unfolding, there will be no ability to value that coin or bar of whichever metal you own on a market. There will be no degree of rationality amongst people. Violence, riots, chaos will ensue and there will be no market for goods and services; they will be taken, by force, either by those with the weapons, legal or otherwise, or by the governments who shall determine who gets these supplies and doles them out accordingly (and you can bet your last bar or coin, their cronies will be higher on the list than the individuals that elected them; the people.) There will be anarchy. There will be destruction. There will be social unrest as societal systems are completely collapsing and when backed into a corner, people will not act sanely. Said ‘market’ for goods will not exist: they will be confiscated or stolen. Unless you have a small community of individuals (preferably free from urban and suburban regions) that have planned for this eventuality, that have productive land, potable water, fuels and energy and stores of food, livestock, the point of hoarding that shiny metal will be virtually valueless just the same. The governments will create a police/military state of martial law. And it will not be pretty.

    Jim also is CEO of a junior miner. Therefore, it is in his best interests that the price of gold, silver and any other natural resources they mine go up, naturally. Unless of course they are a very sophisticated company that has an edge of hedging against the basis. Assuming they do hedge, how exactly do they hedge? Via the spot bullion market or the evil ‘paper’ COMEX exchange?

    I have been hearing about the ‘demand for physical gold’ especially during this recent decline, yet it appears the basic rules of supply and demand are withheld from gold/silver, etc. Demand is high, yet prices are declining? I must have passed economics from a professor that had been teaching me upsidedown math.

    I will not criticize the reasons to ‘invest’ in miners. I have no exposure to any stocks at present. While I am sure there may be some insightful rationale to owning cash-flow positive miners, I am keeping my powder dry for a rainy day. Outside of trading positions, which are never long term, all in cash and real estate. (Yes, I do have some bars & coins locked up, not in a foreign bank or safety deposit box, as a portfolio balance, but they are for the ‘Global Reset’ if it every occurs – which believe is the ONLY way forward.)

    I expect no coherent responses to my points made here. I anticipate each and every response to be in the impassioned, faith-based logic of the typical GoldBugs. If there are those that can awaken me to this drop, other than manipulation theories and counterintuitive supply/demand economics, then let’s keep the discussion going. But, I anticipate a lot of backlash. I knew it going in.

    While I agree with almost every point Mr. Sinclair makes, as well as many others regarding Central Banking, Fiat currencies and the dangerous global trends I have been seeing in political-economic environments, I cannot survive chasing every fantasy projection of where something is going to go based upon a guess. Anyone that provides a ‘price target’ of gold is purely speculating, just like the ‘naked shorts’ evilly speculating the price is going down. There is zero fundamental analysis that Mr. Sinclair or anyone else can derive a $50,000 target based upon cash-flow analysis, stock-flows, or anything else. He may as well just say gold has ‘PRICELESS’ value or a million-gazillion. Then it would almost be less comical. I have read and listened to he and others for years now. I hope those of you that trade or invest based upon some structure do wonderfully and wish all of you the best if you’re hoarding the PMs. You should be thrilled the manipulators are creating this tremendous buying opportunity. You should be drooling on each 5% ‘paper’ plunge on COMEX. I, for one, will wait out all the weak longs and trade what I see, not what I hope & pray will happen. (Oh, I still have a single lot of ‘naked short’ out there from several hundred dollars higher… $1180 was my 2nd to last target outside of the extreme emotional $1000 level.)

    Gold could be going to $5….

    But I’ll hedge, it’s also possible it is going to $5,000.

    Tread accordingly.

    Now to await the peppering of verbal insults….

    (PS – I’ll have you know that I believe that gold is the only true ‘money’ in the world. But we do not live in that world, today. We live in CrazyLand. So, I play by their rules until the system changes.)


    • Patrick Slevin says:

      You observe, “Jim also is CEO of a junior miner. ”

      No, he is not. He is the CEO of a firm that is an Exploration Company. They haven’t any Gold.

      • happel317 says:

        They haven’t any? Hmmmm, Ok, perhaps you can help enlighten me, as I am a novice of mining companies and how they operate.

        According to their company profile, “Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation, a mineral resource company, engages in the acquisition and exploration of natural resource properties. The company primarily explores for gold or other precious metals.”

        After they have explored said resources, what do they do with them? Do they call someone else to extract them from the ground? Are they paid a mere fee for their exploration or do they also engage in obtaining these materials? Doesn’t ‘acquisition’ assume they actually take these resources from the ground, thus ‘hold’ them?

  13. AJ says:

    I am a biased gold bug but i commend your clarity of thought happel.

    • happel317 says:

      The fundamentals to owning physical gold are crystal clear. Having that bias is not a bad thing. Clearly, we as a nation and a world are at some unusual crossroads in the financial world. The Central Banks are addicted to their forms of QE – and it is not likely to end well. I hope complete disaster can be averted, for the longevity of civilization. Only time will tell. I trade trends and technicals with a glimpse of fundamentals. If I traded purely on fundamentals, I’d be sweating bullets the past 18 months being ‘net long’ gold, silver, et al. My $.02, AJ.

  14. D 4 U says:

    The signs are all here….of global financial crash why if you do more homework and see that concentration camps Fema are all in place something sinister is going to happen ready for the Agenda survival will be in vast numbers as it is all about depopulation plans…google outside your comfort zone ..this is too big perhaps we all need to leandon our Father who created us listen to what the bible is saying it is coming alive in detail to what is happening in the global world today……surrender and regress your sins after this world has passed he has our real home to look forward to…..not all this artificial full of deception in all facets of life…….Gold will not save US…God Bless to ALL…..

  15. Mike Davidson says:

    Mr. Sinclair made several bold, absolute, and incorrect predictions recently. Many who adhere to his predictions have been burned. He is an evangelist, who is obsessed by his beliefs, that are not based on any fact or law of nature. He is not unlike a preacher proclaiming their belief system as fact, when really it is only faith and nothing that can be proven.

    I have been severly burned by having my investments entrusted to someone who unfortunately drinks Jim’s Koolaid. This ain’t Jonestown, but it is Jimstown.

    • Hank says:

      As the interview says, take control of yourself. You can’t blame anyone for your investment mistakes except yourself. Listening to an interview and blindly acting on makes you the biggest fool of all. Do your own due diligence

    • Patrick Slevin says:

      As long as you realize that Sinclair will only tell you to buy his analysis of markets is worth a read now and then.

      Unfortunately he has repeatedly relied on various other people who draw up technical analysis. Recently quite obviously incorrect analysis from the charts I’ve seen. I take this as an indication that he hasn’t a clear idea of what to recommend.

  16. Archvia says:

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  17. W.Stirrup says:

    There’s been so many comments made on here where the eventual Gold price will go,and why, that I don’t quite know where to start.

    All materials, from wherever,or whenever, reach a price where those owning are willing to sell, and those purchasing are willing to buy. Whether that be at extreme highs or extreme lows.

    Of course the smart money was buying back Gold and Silver back in 2001 through to circa 2005, I (I was buying silver) and possibly even as late as 2007, when the writing was not only on the wall, but in letters ten foot high that the property and other markets were heading for a fall…

    And having written a paper 30years ago, and more recently a book on the subject of Bankers/Banking/Politics/Precious Metals/Economics and the interplay between them all feel qualified to comment. (“The Coming Battle”)

    Those who think this Bull market is all but over are missing the point. The Bull market in precious metals began when the Fed began pumping money into the system during the lull after the Y2K bug was fixed, and the Dot-Com boom became a Dot-com bust… About March 2000.

    Back during the last bull market people assume that the bull market began in the mid 1970′s as inflation reared its ugly head, but in reality the real bull market began when the U.S. got involved in Vietnam, after the French had already been turfed out. The problem back then was that the Gold price was FIXED due to the Bretton Woods Agreement (at $35.00 /Troy Ounce) but demand kept rising, as country after country began to ask for Gold in place of the dollars they were holding..

    It was only when the Fed didn’t like the idea of giving away its Gold at the vastly under-valued price that they closed the Gold window. Kennedy was killed IMVHO because he wanted to end the war in Vietnam, and the Military Industrial Complex weren’t about to have their gravy train taken away.

    So, if we use the same time-line, say 1960-1980 that was the bull market. By that measure we are still only half way through this Bull market.

    The previous bull market prior to the 70s, was in the Edwardian era – probably from the 1906 San Francisco earth-quake, until the Fed was given the gold at the knockdown price of $25.00/oz in 1932. just before it was re-valued to $35.00/oz.

    A British Pound Sterling was originally a 1 pound (16 oz) weight of sterling silver (i.e. 925), and a Golden Guinea (the equivalent of £1.1.0 (£1 pound and one shilling and no pence) was actually a one-ounce coin of 24Karat (Carat) gold

    And the dollar traded at much less than $4.00/£1.0.0.

    The point I am striving to make is that these events can take upto 2 or 3 decades to play out fully and usually end in war or internal conflict.(think Middle-East only BIGGER)

    I expect the price to peak circa $8,500 before they either confiscate, or a global reset takes place, and if that happens then it will be barter for everything, and your gold/silver will be worth a sack of spuds or similar…(Think sacks of rice and dried pasta if you want a bit of variety in your diet).

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