Is There Any Gold Left in Fort Knox?

Former US Mint Director Edmund C. Moy was recently asked a number of questions at the recent Whitman Expo in Baltimore. The question that stood out most was, ”is there any gold in Fort Knox?” As many in the precious metals community are aware, this subject is one of much debate. The debate universally revolves around the fact that the Federal Reserve will not allow an independent auditor to verify the said gold holdings, despite Ron Paul’s best efforts during his tenure as a congressman.

A place surrounded in secrecy and legend is bound to have its fair share of stories. Some that blindly believe in what the government tells them say the gold is there. Others state that the gold is gone and Fort Knox has long ago been gorged of its holdings in an effort to keep the price of gold artificially suppressed. The truth? Perhaps somewhere in-between these two beliefs.

Regardless of what people believe, Mr. Moy states that the gold is there without a doubt, as he has been inside and seen it with his own eyes. When listening to the video below, take it with a grain of salt. Honestly, do you truly believe that he would tell you if there WASN’T any gold in Fort Knox? I find that highly unlikely.

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